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Caprock Business Finance Corp


Caprock Business Finance Corporation creates economic development opportunities, provides affordable long term financing for business expansion, and provides small businesses with access to public capital markets.  


Caprock Business Finance Corporation was founded in 1981 to administer the Small Business Administration 504 Program, which provides financing to small businesses in the South Plains area who wish to acquire or construct their own building. 


Membership consists of 30 members representing small area businesses, financial institutions, and government agencies from over 28 counties within the South Plains region.

SBA 504 Advantages

An SBA 504 Loan is a powerful tool that can help your business grow! The 504 Loan Program allows for the following:

 - Low down payment - Preserves working capital.  In most cases, down payment will be as low as 10%.

 - Fixed interest rate on 504 loan - Competitive and usually below market rate, which allows stable cash flow planning.

 - Long term financing - 10 or 20 year maturities, which produces lower payments.

 - Rate of private sector financing usually more favorable (low LTV)


Contact Information

Caprock Business Finance Corporation
1323 58th Street | P.O. Box 3730 Freedom Station
Lubbock, Texas 79452-3730

Phone:  (806) 762-8721
Toll Free:  (800) 858-1809
Fax:  (806) 765-9544


Director: Kelly Davila – kdavila@spag.org

Loan Program Coordinator: Naomi Couture – ncouture@spag.org