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Average Weather

The semi-arid climate of the Texas South Plains makes outdoor activities possible almost every day of the year.  The low relative humidity moderates even the most extreme temperatures.  Winter snowfall normally last only a day or two, and a gorgeous sunset and a cool, pleasant evening follow each summer day.  The National accurate picture of levelland's Climate.

  Average Record
Temperature (°F) 60.0 -16 / 100
Daily High Temperature (°F) 73.5 110
Daily Low Temperature (°F) 46.4 -16
July (Hottest Month) Highs (°F) 91.9 108
January (Coldest Month) Lows (°F) 24.6 -16
Annual Precipitation (inches) 18.2 29.19
Snowfall (inches) 10.2 41.2
Heating Degree Days (Base 65°F) 3416 4150
Cooling Degree Days (Base 65°F) 1770 2169
Wind Speed (MPH) 12.4 72
Prevailing Wind Direction SSW
Elevation (Mean Sea Level) 3525'

For Today's Weather for Levelland, TX visit https://weather.com/weather/today