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Existing Industries and Target Industries

Levelland EDC Target Industries

The Target Industries list was created by choosing industrial sectors which are primary in nature, have potential to grow, will pay a wage which meets or exceeds the average weekly wage rate for Hockley County, and can utilize the assets of Levelland while managing its weaknesses.

Target Industries:

  •  Alternative Energy - Including Wind, Solar and BioFuel
  •  Value Added Agriculture
  •  Manufacturing - High Value, High Bulk
  •  Oil and Gas Operations - Production and Service
  •  Distribution and logistics.

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy as it relates to Levelland Economic Development Corporation's target industries list is an umbrella term referring to Wind Energy, Solar Energy and BioFuel.

As the search for more environmentally friendly sources of energy continues Levelland is leveraging the momentum and investment in Wind, Solar and BioFuels. Levelland is growing its economy by positioning the community as a provider of logistical advantages to companies building the infrastructure needed to deliver the "green" energy to market more efficiently.

Value Added Agriculture

Cotton Pickin' Opportunities

Sited in West Texas’ Hockley County, Levelland was founded on the thriving railroad, cotton, and oil industries. Nearly a century later, our economic roots are stronger than ever. As business booms in Levelland’s primary industries.

The Levelland EDC seeks to leverage our rich history in Agriculture by attracting investment that creates a value added proposition for the region's farming community. Farmer's Cooperative Compress, the world's largest cotton warehouse is fueling this endeavor with its $2.5 million expansion of its Levelland plant.

Also, Tex-Rail Commodities, an Arkansas based company, will begin shipping cotton seed  by the unit train from area cotton gins to points through out the United States via the new Levelland Industrial Rail Park completed in 2010.

Levelland is passionate about our economic garden and we are planting seeds of progress to help our businesses grow every day. Come grow with us. Invest in Levelland. Invest in Progress. 

Call us today at 806-568-5400 or email us to see how we can help you grow your business. 

Oil & Gas Facilities

500 Mile Radius Map

Levelland is the perfect destination for moving products into and out of the North American Oil and Gas Facilities. In fact, a large portion of the exploration wells and petroleum refining facilities are within a 500 mile radius of our Levelland Industrial Rail Park.

You won’t face the congestion issues in Levelland that you may experience at other Metro rail parks. We have capacity to grow with our customers and, because of our centralized location, transit time to your facility or your customer’s location is reduced.