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Which Shortline services the Levelland Industrial Rail Park?

Permian Basin Railways (PBR, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Iowa Pacific Holdings (IPH). PBR was formed in May, 2002 to purchase the Texas – New Mexico Railroad (TNMR) and the West Texas & Lubbock Railway (WTLC), collectively the Permian Basin Railways. Subsequent railroad acquisitions by IPH have been under the umbrella of PBR. In addition to TNMR and WTLC, PBR owns the Arizona Eastern Railway (AZER), acquired in December 2004 and the San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad (SLRG) acquired in December 2005.

What are "Short Line" and "Regional" railroads?    

Regional railroads, as defined by the Association of American Railroads (AAR), are line-haul railroads operating at least 350 miles of road and/or earning revenue between $40 million and the Class I revenue threshold ($346.8 million).      Short line railroads, also as defined by the AAR, fall into two categories:     

1. Local railroads are line-haul railroads below the Regional criteria, plus switching and terminal railroads.    

2. Switching & Terminal railroads are railroads that are either jointly owned by two railroads for the purpose of transferring cars between railroads or operate solely within a facility or group of facilities.    

There is also a precise revenue-based definition of categories of U.S. railroads found in the regulations of the Surface Transportation Board (STB). The STB's accounting regulations group rail carriers into three classes for purposes of accounting and reporting (49 CFR Part 1201 Subpart A):     

Class I: Carriers with annual carrier operating revenues of $346.8 million* or more    
Class II: Carriers with annual carrier operating revenues of less than $346.8 million* but in excess of $28 million*    
Class III: Carriers with annual carrier operating revenues of $28 million* or less, and all switching and terminal companies regardless of operating revenues.    

* These threshold figures are adjusted annually for inflation using the base year of 1991.     

Generally, Class III carriers are referred to as short lines, and Class II carriers are referred to as regional railroads. This is not always the case, as the STB and AAR have different criteria that define regional and short line railroads.    

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Which Class I Railroad does PBR connect too?    

BNSF Railway. The Levelland Industrial Rail Park is located less than an hour away from an interchange point in Lubbock that makes connections with the BNSF railway which opens opportunities for Levelland businesses to ship and receive from anywhere in the US, Mexico or Canada, or overseas to the Far East, Europe, Asia - virtually anywhere in the world that has access to a port.

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