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Levelland is the largest city in Hockley County.Texas State Highways 114 and Texas State Highway 385 (Avenue H) intersect in the northern portion of the City and are the primary east/west and north/south thorough fares. According to the United States Census Bureau, Levelland has a total area of 10.163 square miles. The following study takes a look at population and household counts for 2000 and 2010, in addition to estimated counts for 2019 and projections to 2024 for Levelland and Hockley County and how those trends relate to housing.

The CDS Housing Study

This study contains the most recent research, analysis, and findings for improvement related to the housing market in Levelland. The focus of this study centers on the following:

  • A comprehensive assessment of current and future demand and market potential for all types of housing (with an emphasis on attainable workforce products) that will best serve the resident population

  • An analysis of the supply of housing available

  • An assessment of demand / supply mismatches and recommendations for mitigating them

  • The magnitude and nature of demand for all types of housing deemed to be needed in Levelland

  • Survey of local workers to identify any changes in housing needs

  • Conclude the potential opportunities to fulfill current and future needs

Download the CDS ResIntel Housing Study