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Industrial Rail Park

The Levelland Industrial Rail Park is a 243-acre rail and non-rail served industrial park strategically located on the South Plains of West Texas.  The industrial park was developed by the Levelland Economic Development Corporation and was completed in November 2010.

The park includes 20,000 linear feet of 132# rail with concrete railroad ties.  It has shovel ready industrial, distribution, and manufacturing sites ranging in size from five (5) to fifty (50) acres.
The park is served by the shortline West Texas & Lubbock Railway, which is a subsidiary of WATCO.  The shortline connects the park directly to a Class 1 BNSF rail interchange in Lubbock, TX.  The interchange is about 1-hour away by rail.  WATCO also has trackage agreements with UP.

The park is located 30 minutes (by car) west of Interstate Highway 27 and directly between Interstate Highway 20 (south) and Interstate Highway 40 (north) for convenient access to cross continent trucking routes.

Parcels Currently Available in the Levelland Industrial Rail Park

Lot Number Acreage Rail Service Capability
Lot 3 5.6 Acres LEASED
Lot 4 6.1 Acres LEASED
Lot 7 18.5 Acres LEASED 
Lot 8 13.8 Acres SOLD 
Lot 9 5.1 Acres No
Lot 10 11.7 Acres Yes
Lot 11 24.5 Acres LEASED 
Lot 12 W 9.7 Acres Yes
Lot 13 50.2 Acres Yes








Short Line Railway Service

Levelland Industrial Rail Park tenants are served via the West Texas & Lubbock Railway which consists of 107 miles of railroad on two lines extending from Lubbock, Texas to Seagraves, Texas and through Levelland, Texas to Whiteface, Texas.  Purchased in 2002 by the Permian Basin Railway, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Iowa Pacific Holdings, the West Texas & Lubbock Railway underwent a major renovation with creation of the Levelland Ethanol Plant located just six (6) miles east of Levelland, Texas.  This renovation created a resurgence in rail activity in Levelland, Texas and induced the Levelland Economic Development Corporation to develop the park



Class 1 Railway Service

Levelland, Texas is just sixty (60) minutes from a BNSF interchange point in Lubbock, Texas.  For more than 150 years, BNSF Railway has been quietly delivering product found in homes and businesses.  Today their focus is on using speed, agility, and resourcefulness to help expand the global marketplace for goods and services.